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Refractory products are a vital element in all high-temperature processes, such as metal making, the production of cement, petrochemical processes, glass and ceramics. Without refractories there would be no cars, no planes, no trains, no gas or electricity and we would be eating from wooden plates and living in mud-brick huts.

The quality of the products and services of Gouda Refractories is based on a tradition of more than hundred twenty years (1901) and indicates the added value of Gouda Refractories' products and services.

This long track record has resulted in an international network of engineering companies, licensors, local agents, distributors and installers. Regardless of whether customers know exactly what they want, or simply have an idea or a problem, Gouda Refractories will always provide them with a tailor-made solution.

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Our mission statement has been developed based on our core values and our vision to the future. This includes, among others, a competitive advantage through knowledge & technology, sustainability, reliability, and long-term competitiveness.

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Gouda Refractories is part of Gouda Refractories Group, an international operating group of companies, providing customers with an endurable (TCO) quality solution within specified tolerances fulfilling client’s (often strict) specifications to chemical composition, strength and thermal characteristic. The Group provides a complete solution to customers, from documentation and engineering to installation or supervision and maintenance services.

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Do you want to be part of our growing organization to develop your talents further in a pleasant and open work environment? Please take a look at the vacancies within the Gouda Refractories Group.