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Every industry has its own distinctive challenges and demands. Whether it's a greenfield project or routine maintenance, Gouda Refractories adeptly aligns designs and material selections with the industry's precise prerequisites and operational processes. Longevity, ease of installation, and consistency are all top priorities. Collaborative engagement with clients empowers the development of application-specific products.

Reheat furnaces in the steel finishing sector pose distinct demands for refractory materials, owing to variations in steel characteristics, operational methodologies, and energy efficiency. These process divergences necessitate diverse refractory material solutions. Whit its unique product portfolio, Gouda Refractories offers solutions for process-specific challenges such as alkali growth, high wear, thermal shock, mechanical strains, and heat loss. Gouda Refractories excels in delivering top-tier, tailored products precisely attuned to the critical phases of steel finishing.

Walking Beam furnace

Reheat Furnaces

Walking Beam Furnace

Pusher furnace

Reheat Furnaces

Pusher Furnace

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