Special Dense Castables

Special High Alumina | CURON

Special high alumina dense castables are made from selected raw materials applicable in the aluminium industry. This castable is resistant against liquid aluminium.

Silicon Carbide | CURON K and FLUCON K

This special Silicon Carbide containing castables are used in waste incinerators and for application where a high heat flux is needed. This material is also high erosion resistant and applicable at liquid metals applications. Available in vibration and self-flowing qualities.

Rapid Heating & Repair | VELOX

Silimanite based dense castables on account of their characteristics, have an own place in the range of refractories. High refractoriness, very good resistance to spalling and to alkaline slags make these materials suitable for application under severe conditions. For application up to 1.600 °C.

Other Refractory Monolithics