Refractory Bricks

Gouda Refractories manufactures at its plant in Gouda – The Netherlands, a wide range of approximately 50 to 60 distinct refractory brick grades, each available in various shapes. To enhance its production capabilities, the company initiated its third tunnel kiln at the close of 2013, effectively raising the firing capacity to 65,000 metric tonnes.

Our state-of-the-art facility, employing advanced automation, utilizes meticulously sourced high-purity raw materials sourced globally. The manufactured refractory bricks can withstand extremely high temperatures, leading to outstanding characteristics, ensuring both dimensional and chemical stability to meet the specific demands of different grades.

Medium - High - Superduty Bricks

Firebricks with good physical properties such as thermal shock resistance, spalling resistance and low shrinkage.

For applications up to 1.400 °C.

High Alumina Fireclay Bricks

High quality fireclay bricks are made from selected raw materials, calcined at high temperatures.

These bricks are characterized by a low porosity, excellent mechanical strength and excellent physical properties.

For applications up to 1.550 °C.

Andalusite Bricks

Andalusite bricks, on account of their characteristics, have an own place in the range of refractories.

High refractoriness, a very good resistance to spalling and a good resistance to alkaline slags make these materials very suitable for severe conditions.

For applications up to 1.700 °C.

Bauxite Bricks

Bauxite bricks are made from typical selected bauxite raw materials. These qualities are generally very abrasion resistant and often used in the cement industry. For applications to 1.550°C.

Special phosphate bonded qualities are applicable as non-wetting bricks used in the non-ferrous industry.

For applications up to 1.300 °C.

Corundum Bricks

Corundum bricks are extremely high-classified, high-quality bricks. These qualities combine very low creep, very good thermal resistance and excellent hot properties. These quality are used in high fired and heavy loaded equipment.

For applications up to 1.800 °C.

(Ultra) Low Porosity Bricks

(U)LP brick series comprise super dense high alumina refractory bricks with an extremely low porosity.

(U)LP bricks combine a very good resistance to various aggressive slags, as every 2% lower porosity reduces chemical corrosion by 40 - 50%, with an excellent thermal shock resistance.

For applications up to 1.800 °C.

Chromium Bricks

Chrome corundum bricks are mainly used in hazardous waste incineration plants as they excellently withstand the thermal, chemical and mechanical stresses occurring in these applications.

For applications up to 1.800 °C.

Special Insulating Bricks

Insulation bricks of the FI range are non-ASTM class insulating brick characterized by a good strength, low thermal conductivity and stable refractoriness. Applicable for hot face and back-up lining constructions.

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