More than ever before, users of critical equipment are looking for materials to protect their equipment, to extend refractory life and/or to reduce energy consumption. For these reasons, Gouda Refractories has - in addition to its Alucoat and Cohesiet series - developed a range of special coating products – the AN-Seal series – that fulfil one or more objectives at the same time.

Hence the name AN-Seal: a series of special coatings for various applications across industries that seal-off a surface from and provide protection against heat, acid and other chemicals.

The coatings can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment and are either installed on the inner steel shell of the equipment or on the hot face of the refractory lining, depending on the type of coating used.

AN-Seal 50 NW

A non-wetting coating applied on the process side of the refractory lining. Its purpose is to create an extra chemical resistance against liquid metal (aluminium, zinc, etc.) and to close pores and cavities thus reducing the reactive surface of the refractory.

AN-Seal 70 AR

An anti-acid coating typically applied on the steel shell of for example sulphur recovery equipment. This coating protects the shell from corrosion by (sulphuric) acids that may form when the steel temperature is below dew point.

AN-Seal 85 CR

A chromium based mortar that is applied on the process side of the refractory lining and that is typically used in chemical waste incineration process but also for casting troughs, dip tubes and dross pans. The mortar creates additional chemical resistance, fills small voids and helps reducing the viscosity of the slag.

AN-Seal 58 HR

A zirconium based heat reflective coating applied on the hot face in (cracking) furnaces which reflects the heat back into the process and therefore reduces the energy consumption.

AN-Seal 80 FA

A high aluminium oxide coating that protects the steel shell from corrosion by fluoric acid.

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