ISO 9001:2015
Gouda Refractories B.V. Laboratory

The R&D Department of Gouda Refractories has an advanced, ISO-certified laboratory for developing and testing recipes so that the material properties match the requirements of the customer's process.

Special Demands

Every application of refractory lining has special demands regarding the composition of the material and the technique of installing it. At our advanced laboratory we develop and test the right formula, so that the properties of the material match the demands of our customer's process. These requirements may change because the customer's process evolves. There may also be changes in the environmental regulations, or costs may alter. In the product range of refractory bricks and monolithics are numerous of variations possible, from very dense refractory to insulating refractory.

In consultation with the customer, we examine the choice between bricks or monolithics, possible drying times, application techniques, installation speed and/or life extension. Post-mortem examinations help increase the durability of materials and handle any customer inquiries. Knowledge exchange and joint research with international research institutes such as TNO, DIFK and LUCIDEON increase the quality and applicability of all our refractory recipes.

Refractory Training Course

R&D is also a fixed value as a breeding ground for new refractory experts and for disseminating specialist refractory knowledge. Our annual and well-attended Refractory Training Course makes an essential contribution to this.

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