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Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)

Gouda Refractories delivers complete alumina refractory solutions for all types of installations of DRI plants in the Iron & Steel Industry. Rather than supplying commodities, Gouda Refractories focusses on finding the best possible solution for critical areas.

Elevate your DRI process to new heights of sustainability through innovative solutions and expert guidance. Gouda Refractories understands the unique demands of DRI units, from operating practices to energy efficiency, requiring tailored refractory materials.

Our extensive product range addresses specific challenges such as creep, CO-disintegration, high wear, thermal shock, mechanical stresses, and heat loss. Years of development and deep expertise in design, installation, and utilization of refractory systems underpin our solutions.

In the dynamic landscape of steel production, we collaborate closely with DRI plants to introduce state-of-the-art refractory materials and design enhancements, fostering sustainability in H2 Green Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) production.

The integration of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) with hydrogen represents a progressive and eco-friendly approach in steelmaking. Leveraging our modern high-temperature tunnel kiln operating at 1,700°C, Gouda Refractories stands as a beacon of expertise in refractory products and services.

In the era of energy transition and environmental initiatives like H2 Green DRI production, partnering with Gouda Refractories signals a dedication to deploying advanced, high-quality refractory materials and solutions within DRI production processes. Trust us to drive your DRI production towards sustainable success.

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