Dense Castables

Regular | CURON

General dense fire clay castables with good physical properties for all kinds of applications up to 1.400 °C.

High Alumina Chamotte | CURON

General dense high alumina castables made from selected raw materials calcined at high temperatures. For application up to 1.650 °C.

Sillimanite | CURON

Silimanite based dense castables on account of their characteristics, have an own place in the range of refractories. High refractoriness, very good resistance to spalling and to alkaline slags make these materials suitable for application under severe conditions. For application up to 1.600 °C.

Bauxite | CURON

General dense bauxite castables are made from typical selected bauxite raw materials. The quality is generally very high abrasive resistant. For application up to 1.700 °C.

Corundum | CURON

Dense corundum based castables are extremely high classified castable. These qualities combine very low creep, very good thermal resistance and excellent hot properties. The quality is used in high fired and heavy loaded equipment. For application up to 1.870 °C.

Other Refractory Monolithics