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Our Engineering Department is the beating heart of the technological know-how of Gouda Refractories. Product Managers, Engineers, and R&D combine their strengths to develop the best tailor-made refractory solution for each application.

For these works we base our selves on the manufacturing drawings of the equipment manufactures, and design for our clients the total refractory system by the use of ACAD (2D) and/or Inventor (3D). The design includes the anchoring and support systems for the refractory linings and off course the refractory installation drawings. We can also design the moulds and other special tools needed for the installation. The engineering works also include the needed installation documentation like mixing instructions, installation manuals, and the dry out heat up curves.

During engineering of the lining we also conduct the thermal design calculations by heat transfer programs. We are also capable of doing FEE (Ansys) heattransfer and/or stress calculation on special parts or total constructions in order to optimize the refractory design.

This all in close cooperation with our clients.

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