Precast Shapes

Prefab Department

The specialized Prefab Department is the extension of the Gouda Refractories moulding plant. Here we produce everything that cannot be moulded in the factory.

Precast shapes are refractory products which cannot be pressed as result of the shape, dimension and / or quantities of these products. These precast shaped refractory products are made of special raw materials and – depending of the quality and the requirements – can be pre-fired to temperatures above 1.600 °C.

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Any Prefered Shape

In principle, Prefab can meet every wish of refractory quality, shape, size, dimensional accuracy and finish. Essential for all prefabricated elements is that their quality is equal to that of the rest of the refractory construction. This requires innovative moulding technology and strictly controlled concrete processing, modern processing equipment and quality control. In the two tunnel ovens and two periodic ovens at the factory, Gouda Refractories can not only dry the products of the Prefab Department but also burn up to 1.680 ºC, so that a ceramic bond is also created.

Deviant and Complicated Shapes

This concerns, for example, deviant brick shapes that are too large or too complicated in shape, in which metal anchors or frames are processed or of which only a few pieces are required. In addition, there are the so-called shop items: construction parts of customers, which Gouda Refractories can provide under ideal conditions with any desired, refractory lining. The Geldermalsen site produces a wide range of high-quality refractory concrete qualities for the needs of the Prefab department.

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