4-6 June, 2024

Refractory Training Course

Each year Gouda Refractories organizes a three days refractory training course for its customers, partners and others who are interested to learn more about refractories. Every year people from all over the world and from all different types of industries participate in this training course.

Next Course

4-6 June, 2024

The next English version of the course, 4-6 June, 2024, is fully booked!

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The training course is held in a premier hotel in Gouda, allowing participants to stay in a comfortable hotel and in order to have a convenient location in an historical city close to the production facilities of Gouda Refractories.

Course Program:
  • Introduction to refractory materials

  • Classification of refractory materials

  • Alumina-silicate; phase diagrams

  • Raw materials: application and properties

  • Dense refractory bricks and mortars

  • Insulating refractory materials

  • Unshaped refractory materials (monolithics, regular cement, low cement, self-flowing)

  • Installation of refractory materials

  • Wear & attack mechanisms of refractory materials

  • Refractories testing (standard & simulation)

  • Production of refractory materials

  • Field trip to Gouda Refractories production facilities

The level of the refractory training course is such that participants should have at least some background and experience with refractories and also have a technical education. If you want more information about this training course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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