Energy & Chemical Industry

Hydrocarbon Processing

Oil refineries and gas plants transform natural hydrocarbon resources (crude oil and natural gas) into various half and end products such as nafta, diesel, gasoline and syngas.

Half products and by-products are used further downstream for further processing. Pollutions present in the crude oil and natural gas are removed in the process and either recovered into usable chemicals or incinerated. Waste heat is often used to generate steam that can either be used in the process or be used for power generation.

Gouda Refractories provides proven solutions for critical equipment at refineries and gas plants around the world and is approved by all major oil companies and technology licensors.

Chemicals based on hydrocarbons as well as chemicals based on other substances are processed in critical high temperature equipment.

Fertilizer, titania tetrachloride, hydrogen, phosphate but also ethanol, carbon and sulphur are products manufactured in a process that requires a refractory lining that can withstand the high temperatures as well as the aggressive atmosphere in which the chemicals and their by-products are being manufactured.

Meeting the strict specifications and at the same time providing longer refractory life are key in the tailor-made refractory lining that Gouda Refractories supplies to its customers.

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