Inspection & Supervision

API 936 and VCA Qualified Supervisors

Having our roots in a joint construction and manufacturing company and in synergy with our sister companies, we employ at Gouda Refractories a number of refractory experts that have their basics in refractory installation and at least 15 years hands-on field experience prior to be dispatched as inspector or supervisor.

All our supervisors are API 936 and VCA qualified. These experts are deployed to project sites across the globe to advise our customers on the installation work performed by others, to verify if installation and storage procedures are followed, to inspect customer equipment if and when needed or to train customers' operators and maintenance staff.

Total Support

Gouda Refractories' inspectors and supervisors use modern communication tools and are supported by product management and our Engineering Department. Therefore, they are able to share their findings with the home office and can get support in the field.

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