Refractory Solutions

Gouda Refractories operates its production facilities in The Netherlands, where it crafts refractory bricks and precast shapes in Gouda and manufactures refractory monolithics in Geldermalsen. Our commitment to certified, world-renowned quality standards is unwavering. We prioritize the longevity, workability, and reliability of our products, and we're dedicated to accommodating customer preferences through open dialogue and collaboration.

Our Research and Development Department, along with our product managers and production teams, diligently track advancements within various industries. When process adjustments necessitate product modifications, Gouda Refractories acts swiftly, all while keeping a keen eye on key factors like competitive pricing and top-notch quality.

This agility is made possible through continuous investments in our production facilities and our enduring partnerships with both customers and raw material suppliers. Count on Gouda Refractories for reliable and adaptive refractory solutions.

Our Refractory Solutions

Quality Solutions

Gouda Refractories Group provides customers with an endurable (TCO) quality solution within specified tolerances fulfilling client’s (often strict) specifications to chemical composition, strength and thermal characteristic. The Group provides a complete solution to customers, from documentation and engineering to installation or supervision and maintenance services.