Management Team

Board of Directors

Mr M. Schuchmann

Managing Director

Mr M. Grootenboer

Director Sales & Marketing

Mr W. Buijs

Director Operations

Sales Management Team

  • Mr E. van Doorn: Inside Sales Energy & Chemicals
  • Mr W. Janssen: Sales Manager Energy & Chemicals
  • Mr M. Toorman: Sales Manager Energy & Chemicals
  • Mr D. Grofik: Sales Manager Aluminium Industry
  • Mr M. Grootenboer: Sales Manager Cement Industry
  • Mr J. Bakker: Sales Manager Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Mr R. Antonio: Sales & New Business Development Manager

Product Management Team

  • Mr P. Plaizier: Product Manager Biomass, Energy & Chemicals
  • Mr E. Aalbers: Product Manager Aluminium & Steel
  • Mr S. Breedveld: Product Manager Refining
  • Mr J. Booster: Product Manager Cement & Lime
    Portfolio Manager Castables/Monolithics
  • Mr J. Boersma: Innovation & Technology Manager

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