Health, Safety & Environment

Gouda Refractories Group would like to indicate that Health, Safety and Environment, including its corresponding respectful and responsible behavior, is a top priority for us.

Gouda Refractories Group strives for optimal working conditions, which promotes the health and safety of our employees and third parties, as well as their wellbeing, as much as possible.

With Zero-Tolerance, to Zero-Incident

With the continuous improvement of health and safety measures, we want to ensure that our employees can even better carry out their work in a safe and responsible manner, reaching a zero-incident culture.

Everyone who works within the Gouda Refractories Group is expected to be aware of the safety rules and to deal with them proactively, both in our own offices, factories, and workshops, as well as when working on customer sites.

As far as the forms of undesirable behavior is concerned, Gouda Refractories Group applies a zero-tolerance policy.


It is of particular importance to us that our activities have as little impact on the environment as possible. After all, we want to leave a healthy and livable planet to future generations. We therefore make every effort to work safely, responsibly, and environmentally aware.

With the new construction in 2019/2020, our entire office is gas-free, equipped with solar panels, LED lighting, and therefore energy neutral.

Strategically located

With the location of our production facility in Gouda near water, we have a direct connection with Rotterdam. This allows more than 80% of our raw materials to arrive by water, enabling us to keep the CO2 emissions of these transports as low as possible.

Ongoing investments to reduce the CO2 footprint of the refractory manufacturing process will be speed up and increased: a greenhouse gas reduction roadmap has been drawn up. In this roadmap, we aim to achieve a reduction of ~50% by 2030, which puts us at the level that is expected within the Netherlands. Our goal is to be a frontrunner in our industry and – as a trustworthy partner – to assist our customers to achieve their ESG-targets.

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