3 October 2022

Gouda Refractories Group at Aluminium 2022 Düsseldorf

The start of the next major international sports event is just a few weeks away. Gouda Refractories Group and its customers employ many football fans. And like the love for football is spread around the globe, so are the customers of Gouda Refractories! And like many industries, many facets of the football industry depend on refractory materials.

The company house style color of Gouda Refractories corresponds to the colors of the Dutch international football team, namely orange. Being a company of Dutch origin, how nice would it be to do something with that theme within the company communication. And that’s exactly what we did…


Stepping out of the box!

At the ALUMINIUM 2022 in Düsseldorf, from 27 to 29 September 2022, our stand was all about football. In addition to the fact that the theme was well implemented in the stand itself, our stand staff was also dressed in style and in our give-away a lively trade arose.


Did you miss us this year? Take a look at the photo impression.


The 2024 edition we will be present again... with a whole new theme.
We hope to see you then.


Refractories, making it possible!