5 December 2023

Gouda Refractories Group Strengthens Global Presence through Collaboration with ITR in Lisbon, Portugal

Gouda Refractories Group has revealed an exciting partnership with International Thermal Refractories, Unipessoal Lda. (ITR), a renowned company specializing in providing expert labour for global refractory material lining. With a focus on diverse industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, non-ferrous materials, cement, energy, and environmental solutions, ITR's expertise in refractory installation enhances Gouda's already exceptional service capabilities, aiming to elevate customer satisfaction.


The collaboration, set to commence on January 1, 2024, marks a long-term strategic alliance between Gouda Refractories Group and ITR. This alliance aims to reinforce their collective market position, emphasizing their commitment to expanding installation and maintenance of refractory linings in their respective markets.


ITR boasts a team of highly skilled professionals, each with more than two decades of experience in the refractory market. Their stringent adherence to safety protocols, from project initiation to completion, mirrors Gouda Refractories Group’s unwavering dedication to quality and risk mitigation. This alignment makes ITR an ideal partner to drive their shared objectives in the years to come.

Gouda Refractories Group is an international operating group of companies, consisting of four refractory service and installation companies located in North-Western Europe and active throughout Europe. Gouda Refractories is the fifth company in the group and a globally leading developer, engineer, producer and installer of refractory products and solutions for customers all over the world in demanding industries such as (petro-)chemical, non-ferrous materials, cement, energy, and environment.